In Love (from our students)

“One of the best things about InYoga is that there really is something for everyone. They offer all levels of classes and I love that I can look around in a class and see all different kinds of people...small, large, old, young, it doesn't matter.”
Sophie C, 26, Valley Village

“I've been doing yoga for around 13 years and finding a good studio is key to maintaining a devoted practice. Many of them are intimidating to me for some reason.”
Sasha S, 46, North Hollywood

“InYoga has a staff and teachers that care. Their love of yoga and dedication to it is evident by the interest they have in each student. I get a sense of belonging.”
David T, 60, Valley Village

The practice room has the most incredible feel; open, airy, spacious and freeing.”
Patricia P, 42, Pasadena

“Yoga let's me kill two birds with one stone getting an awesome physical workout in while at the same time give time to myself in the midst of a power packed day to meditate and recalibrate.” 
Jason B, 32, Studio City

“InYoga is gorgeous. It’s bright, clean and open with so much space. The bathrooms and showers are beautiful. It’s by far and away the best studio in the Valley and I’ve been to all of them.”
Marilyn R, Sherman Oaks

“I came to yoga for physical balance and alignment.  After an unexpected operation, the classes and attention of the instructors led me back to strength and stamina, all the while maintaining my sense of spiritual well being. The experience of taking yoga classes at InYoga Center has been healing.”
Ron B, 65, Sherman Oaks

“The entire staff and students of InYoga have created a community that is not only a safe and welcoming environment to take a first class but offers a place to grow and find the true definition of yoga.”
Michele M, 41, Studio City

"I recently began working with Sasha in one of her yoga classes. She is a singularly superb teacher mindful of just the kind of gentle instruction students need in order to facilitate more complete poses, better alignment, and over all well being. Her classes are well paced and very creative she includes positions that are unique and very healing. Sasha's overall demeanor and approach is warm, compassionate and caring. Each time class is over I find myself looking forward to the next!"
Susan K., Studio City

“Yoga is a core physical activity that supports and enhances all my other fitness activities (running, swimming, cycling).”
Peter F, 69, Studio City

“Recently, I had a major car accident. Someone ran a red light, and totaled my car. But not me! I am completely sure that my body was resilient due to my Yoga practice. I feel that my body had the ability to move and flow through the motions as the car twisted and turned. Having a practice at InYoga has truly been a blessing in my life.”
Haleh R, 40, Valley Village

"I've tried all the different workout crazes and when I first tried yoga I thought it would just be another one I'd eventually get sick of. Although I've seen the biggest improvement in my body through yoga, I've also seen such a difference in my life. It ended up being so much more than just a workout.”
Alyssa Y, 22, Sylmar

“I enjoy the way my body feels and I enjoy the changes in my body my practice has created.  I love to practice in class regularly and when I can't I profoundly miss it and plot to get back to class.”
Charles S, Burbank

“Yoga has taught me a lot in regards to emotional and mental endurance. It has increased my personal growth, and made me more aware of finding peace in my life even through turbulent moments.”
Fern S, 42, Valley Village

"Yoga is my way of holding back the “ravages of time.”
Debby J, 58, Valley Village

"It’s been a little under a year since my first class at InYoga, and now I can’t imagine my life without yoga. There isn’t an aspect of my life that yoga hasn’t touched. My marriage is stronger, my relationship with my family is more at ease, my self-image and esteem is healthier, I am more patient, more relaxed and I’m immeasurably happier.“
Jessica R , 23, Valley Village

"I want to say "thank you" for helping to turn what started out a gloomy year into one of the brightest times of my life.  I discovered InYoga a month prior to both going through a difficult breakup and being laid off from my job of 10 years.  I definitely don't believe that my stumbling upon yoga when I did was merely a coincidence.”
Todd L, 33, Studio City

“I remember one summer afternoon walking home after one of Joe Kara’s classes when a stranger came up to me and asked “Why are you so happy?” That’s when I realized that the moving meditation of my yoga practice extend well beyond the mat and into my personal and professional relationships, especially my relationship with myself.”
Jennifer R, 59, Valley Village

“I drove by on Laurel Canyon, stopped for a hot dog, and said, ‘it’s now or never’ to myself.  I walked across the street and I have been coming ever since.”
Eric M, 40, Studio City